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DESA - Dubrovnik organized an international conference "Sustainable development through responsible tourism", that was held on 9th to 10th June 2011, at Hotel Petka in Dubrovnik. This conference is the third in a row and the final gathering of domestic and foreign professionals from different sectors, which are now involved in thinking about sustainable development in general and, in particular, on the development of tourism.

The Conference also represents the final part of a three-year project "Adriatic, Small Entrepreneurship and Local Development" funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Italy and the Italian region of Marche, and implemented by the association DESA - Dubrovnik in cooperation with the association COSPE from Florence. The main objective of the project is to contribute to even sustainable economic development throughout the Adriatic region, strengthening relationships, sharing experiences and methods of cross-border cooperation.

On Thursday, June 9th, was organized a meeting of partners on the project "Adriatic, Small Entrepreneurship and Local Development“ with representatives of local institutions, proejct beneficiaries, representatives of the University of Dubrovnik, travel agencies and other stakeholders. After the opening words of the project leader and president of DESA, Ms. Jany Hansal, the conference was greeted by the Deputy Prefect of Dubrovnik - Neretva County, Ms. Marija Vuckovic and Head of Department for Entrepreneurship and Tourism of the City of Dubrovnik, Mr. Milan Peric.

The main project partners presented an initiative of the cross-border cooperation and the results of project activities, while the project beneficiaries presented their experiences and the positive effects provided to them by this project.

Afterwards was  organized the discussion about consideration of the opportunities for continuation of the cross-border cooperation in the future and the establishment of the „Centre for Responsible Tourism of the Adriatic region“ in Dubrovnik.

On Friday, June 10th, the presentations of top international experts, such as prof. Harold Goodwin from Leeds Metropolitan University and Maurizio Davolio, President of AITR (Associazione Italiana Turismo Responsabile), and numerous Croatian scientists and highly qualified young professionals, who presented the specificities that define the concept of responsible tourism and different aspects of its practice. The Croatian initiative for responsible tourism, a new platform for the promotion of responsible tourism was presented at this Conference.

This meeting provided an opportunity for the tourism profession and professionals from the public institutions to become familiar with the concept of responsible tourism and its application in European countries.


Presentations of lecturers, partners and beneficiaries of the project:


Presentation of the project "Adriatic, small business and local development" - DEŠA - Dubrovnik

Presentation of the project "Adriatic, small business and local development" - COSPE, Firenze Presentation of University of Dubrovnik

Presentations of project beneficiaries - Željka Laptalo, Nino Moretić, Frano Milina Bire

prof. Harold Goodwin - Responsible Tourism Maurizio Davolio - Responsible tourism in Italy Jasna Dasović - Protection of Cultural Landscapes Saša Poljanec - Borić - Responsible tourism now!



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